About Vroom!™

Vroom!™ Training, the Coleman Associates online accelerated Learning Room, is a platform for medical clinics and organizations who are about to embark upon or who have just completed the bulk of operational redesign and workflow transformation. These changes inform a new level of employee and also often create a need for a more robust onboarding process, job role redevelopment and training as well as a more formalized performance review process within Human Resources departments. Vroom!™ Training can be part of that solution for you. Vroom!™ Training allows organizations to sign up staff and monitor their progress in the training process. A yearly refresher keeps best practices and key DPI™ concepts at the forefront of workflows and organizational thought.

Coleman Associates is a boutique consulting firm with a well earned reputation for improving services for the underserved by helping medical clinics redesign their work processes. Think of “redesign” (or “reengineering”) not as an “improvement methodology”, but rather as a method that seeks to transform the patient experience, the health care workplace, and the culture of the organization as a whole.

A transformed patient experience means easier access to care, minimal waiting time during visits, and a significant drop in clinical errors (i.e., patient safety). A transformed workplace is an exciting place to work where learning is optimal, teamwork the norm, and everyone can work to her/his full potential. And, a transformed organization is optimally productive, financially healthy, technologically savvy, and hierarchically flat. Such an organization can adapt quickly and well to change.

In 1993 we created Patient Visit Redesign™ and since then we’ve helped more than 1500 health care organizations (safety net clinics, public hospitals, ambulatory care centers or free standing rural and urban clinics as well as some privately funded and run medical practices and practice groups) dramatically improve the patient experience. We have conducted collaborative training programs on process improvement (Patient Visit Redesign™), Access (Patient Centered Scheduling), a blending of access and processes (DPI-Dramatic Performance Improvement™), Tactical Nurse and Revenue process redesign (RevMax).

Our cadre of bilingual staff who have all worked on the front lines in clinics are well versed in PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home) and MU (Meaningful Use measures). In addition to our collaborative process, we also work shoulder to shoulder with your staff and managers to help you create a Performance Dashboard, develop and impact your Meaningful Use measures, or to develop a PCMH through either our DPI Collaborative™ or our Rapid DPI™s –a week long immersion in redesigning your processes, remaking your organizational culture and moving your clinic forward toward a Patient Centered Medical Home.

Excite. Innovate. Transform. That’s our methodology. We make learning fun, we provide an outside catalyst for your changes and we help you tap into the hearts and minds of your staff as they work daily to support the mission of serving those in need.

Our method has magic to it because we train and coach your managers and staff to redesign work processes around the needs of patients. This re-ignites the passion for patient care that most staff members initially brought to their jobs but have often lost over time. Team members work together to create a patient experience that’s truly satisfying.

Whether we train teams in a collaborative setting with other organizations or on site side by side with your staff, two factors determine your ability to dramatically increase your organizational effectiveness. First: your capacity to envision new possibilities. Second: your willingness to change. The first leads to innovation and the second to experimentation. These are the keys to transforming the patient experience. Not the extent of your financial resources, but rather the extent of your imagination and willpower.

Although our patients have serious needs and our resources are limited, our organizations must change if they are to thrive as first-rate providers of health care in this time of Healthcare Reform. Organizational transformation is largely a matter of the heart—of values we care most about.

Coleman Associates, partnered with some of the premier health care facilities across the country, has demonstrated that we can transform our organizations into places where we inspire each other daily; where team intimacy unleashes individual potential; where one’s idealism is rekindled into youthful passion; where patients can come “home” for the best care delivered by anyone, anywhere.