DEI in Health Care Delivery

Considerations for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are all around us. In this module, we explore the ways that DEI can be applied successfully in the workplace to make a work environment that most accurately supports and represents your community. Average user spends 25 minutes in this module.

DEI in the Workplace

This module takes a closer look at operational data to improve visits to all patients equally. We will explore tactics in the workplace in which there are people coming together to meet patient-centric goals. This module also covers understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace maximum satisfaction and productivity, and minimum conflict and divisiveness, in today’s diverse work environment.

An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care in a Primary Care Setting

Education about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) is essential if we want to disrupt intergenerational cycles of trauma. Trauma-informed care is only possible if all members of an organization, including providers, are educated regarding the concepts. This module helps the learner create a more patient-centered approach by looking through the lens of trauma-informed care.

Rapid Redesign Testing

This module focuses on how teams can plan and execute testing new workflows through a structured process known as Rapid Redesign Tests. This process teaches learners the value of putting the work into planning before running a test to enhance the patient experience and increase staff satisfaction.

Economic Impact Analysis

This module walks the learner through a review of the economic impact of changes that imply significant space renovation expenses, equipment expenditures, or additions of staff to the current model in place at the clinic. This module demonstrates how the current model is impacted by both small and large changes.

Simplified Patient Schedule

This module walks the learner through the process of why, when, and how to implement a Simplified Patient Schedule. Learn the process for building a Simplified Patient Schedule and how to troubleshoot along the way.


Whether you have had to set up your telehealth services quickly or you are hoping to improve your telehealth work processes, this module is intended to help organizations make telehealth programs more fiscally sound, patient-centered, enjoyable for staff, and operationally efficient from start to finish.


Hand washing is a regular part of your job. Refreshing your skills on hand washing is important for compliance and training. This module walks the learner briefly but thoroughly through hand washing dos and don'ts.

Average user spends 15.5 minutes in this module.


HIPAA requirements for all health care staff are intended to protect the privacy of our patients. This module and training video provide a necessary refresher of your HIPAA knowledge and compliance.

Average user spends 16 minutes in this module.

Transgender Care

The terms used to define and discuss gender are continually evolving. People who identify as transgender can be the targets of discrimination that can lead to negative health outcomes; Everyone on the Patient Care Team (PCT) must possess baseline knowledge regarding transgender patients.

Average user spends 18 minutes in this module.